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‘The website David Cameron doesn't want you to see’

By Tim Montgomerie
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‘The website David Cameron doesn't want you to see’ is how left-wing activists are describing SearchTheMoney.com. The website is the brainchild of Laurence Durnan who created the Political Scrapbook blog, a relentlessly anti-Tory but not unamusing blog.

The new SearchTheMoney website aims to make it simple for people to see who is giving to the Tory Party and to individual MPs. It aims to bring transparency to the financing of the Conservative Party and, it says, to highlight the extent to which the Conservative Party is dependent upon money from the City.

The site is clearly a political rather than a transparency exercise however. It does not bring the same searching scrutiny to the financing of Labour MPs. It is another reminder, however, that the Left is continuing to make strides with its use of the internet. The 38 Degrees website being the best example of the way in which the Right has fallen behind in the battle for cybervotes. The latest 38 Degrees campaign targets Michael Gove and playing fields policy.

The SearchTheMoney site will only add to the problems that Conservative HQ is having in separating donors from their money. In yesterday's Times (£) Sam Coates examined the extent to which big donors appeared to be cutting their donations.