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Harriet Harman: Help! Help! Theresa May has "dogged my path"...followed me round TV studios...criticised "what we were arguing for"...

Screen shot 2012-07-21 at 05.32.35By Paul Goodman
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Never let it be said that the Daily Mail is incapable of squeezing every last drop of vinegar from the sponge.

As I highlight in the newslinks below, the paper manages to cram into its headline reporting the Labour Deputy Leader's interview with Total Politics that she is:

  • An Earl's niece,
  • Attended a £20,000-a-year school,
  • And is the daughter of a Harley Street doctor.

And as I highlight in the headline above, the paper also succeeds in reminding its readers that Ms Harman is also:

  • A descendant of the 7th Earl of Longford.
  • A former pupil of "the exclusive St Paul's Girls' School
  • The niece of a lady who was Neville Chamberlain's cousin.

Ms Harman has always had superb comic appeal, and the Mail indispensably reminds us that she sent "her own children to a selective grammar school and a faith school".  Labour's Deputy Leader also does a less-posh-than-thou routine about Samantha Cameron.

She also appears to be paranoid about Theresa May, who she claims has "dogged my path", followed her around TV studios and criticised "what we were arguing for".  The Mail adds: "Mrs May's spokesman declined to comment."