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As Tory MPs move apart for the '22 elections, Labour's leaders draw closer over an EU referendum

By Paul Goodman
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Five straws in the wind:

For all the divisions of the Blair/Brown years and the Miliband/Miliband leadership election, Labour is the natural party of the British establishment: that's to say, of the public sector elites - the Universities, the arts, the top layer of the legal profession (or at least of its human rights wing) - and the state broadcaster, plus the bigger churches (or much of their leadership).

No wonder it is showing signs of a very establishment instinct for unity.  The paralysing effect of that leadership election - in which Labour members and MPs voted for the other Miliband - are beginning to fade.  As I pointed out recently, Mr Miliband has clearly clocked that David Cameron is badly exposed on Europe, and is being pushed hard to exploit this weakness.