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Livingstone wasn't moved to tears by real Londoners supporting his candidacy. They were actors.

By Paul Goodman
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Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 09.21.11The headline above tells the story.

Labour Uncut's Atu Hatwal has highlighted it today.  It was in yesterday's Guardian diary but seems to have got little traction.

As Hatwal writes:

"At the time the explanation given to reporters was that Ken was moved by the genuine words of Londoners and the responsibility he felt to win the election for them.

Stirring stuff. Shame it was rubbish."

5.30pm update: The Evening Standard is reporting the Livingstone campaign's insistence that the Guardian was mistaken and that none of the people expressing support for the Labour candidate in his campaign film were actors.  However, the campaign isn't denying that they delivered their lines from a script and were paid expenses - and that in some cases, they were paid "a small amount for their time".