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That Blasted Hilton! Leading Labour Blogger to Miliband - "I have come to fear that you might actually win the next general election."

By Paul Goodman
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Alex Hilton - formerly editor of Recess Monkey and Labour Home, and Labour's candidate in Kensington and Chelsea at the last election - has written an open letter on Labour List to Ed Miliband in which he addresses his leader as follows:

  • "Because you believe in power over principle, you can’t tell the difference between vision and triangulation."
  • "My problem is that you are not a leader. You are not articulating a vision or a destination, you’re not clearly identifying a course and no-one’s following you."
  • "There’s at least a hundred Labour MPs who couldn’t do a worse job than you."
  • "Your leadership has shown me how lacking in vision you and Ed Balls are in particular but your team is in general."
  • "I have come to fear that you might actually win the next general election."
He also writes about Labour as follows:
  • "I no longer have any faith that the Labour Party will make a better society – or even wants to do so."
  • "We’re an illiberal elitist capitalist party with no taste for democracy and a misplaced belief that the masses are better off in our care than that of other parties."
  • "The Labour party stands for its leader and his interests first. Then it stands for its MPs and securing their jobs as best as possible. It stands for the union general secretaries (but not their members) just enough to keep them affiliated. After that it stands for swing voters in marginal seats and the media proprietors who can influence them. After that, if we’re lucky, we get to do something for the people for whom the party was created."
  • I’m not sure whether your departure would really make a difference to this. Would the next leadership election deliver us a leader or just another functionary fearful of his or her vulnerability and incapable of inspiring?
  • So what am I asking you to do? To prove me wrong maybe? To resign? To be honest I don’t particularly care anymore.

Read the whole letter here.

It's a dirty nuclear bomb of an epistle - and that he can be treated with such contempt is a danger signal for Miliband.

And to think that Ken Clarke believes he has trouble with ConservativeHome.

That Blasted Hilton!