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Eric Pickles as Mr Bumble. George Osborne as Wackford Squeers. The Dickensian world of Labour MP Chris Williamson's tweets

By Matthew Barrett
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Williamson ChrisIt's Charles Dickens' 200th birthday today. To mark the occasion, each Cabinet member received a Dickens novel hand-picked by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt this morning. 

But there is one MP who will be celebrating the great writer's birthday more than most. That MP is Chris Williamson, who represents Derby North, and acts as a Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government. Mr Williamson's Twitter feed is so over-the-top in attacking the Conservatives as pantomime baddies (and almost always calling the Government "Dickensian") that anybody would think it was a fake account.

In the world of Mr Williamson's Twitter account, Eric Pickles is Mr Bumble, George Osborne is Wackford Squeers, and Charles Dickens would be "horrified that the poverty he fought to eradicate is being brought back by warped Tory ideology".

A sample of his tweets from the last few days:

Chris Williamson's tweets