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A news round-up of Ed Balls' Labour party conference speech

By Joseph Willits 
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Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 14.03.04 Here is some of the press coverage following on from Ed Balls' speech to the Labour party conference this afternoon:

  • The Telegraph has Ed Balls' speech in full - Telegraph
  • Balls sets out a five-point 'plan of growth' to kick start economy - Mirror I Independent
  • 'Shadow Chancellor says Labour would back a "steadier, more balanced" approach to reducing the national deficit - Telegraph
  • Live blogs from the Labour party conference, with coverage of Balls' speech - Guardian I Telegraph I Times (£)
  • 'Tory Britain is no safe haven' - Huffington Post
  • 'Our spending didn't cause crisis' says Balls - LBC
  • 'Ed Balls spells out Labour's "better way" plan in Liverpool - Click Liverpool
  • Simon Heffer asks: 'Would you buy a used economy off this man?' - Daily Mail
  • Daniel Knowles: 'Ed Balls still won't admit it: Labour ran deficits throughout the biggest boom in history' - Telegraph
  • Patrick Wintour: 'Why Ed Balls had to apologise' - Guardian
  • Janet Daley: 'Ed Balls says sorry - for the wrong things' - Telegraph
  • 'Labour's bickering over how to reshape the economy pitches something old and blue against something borrowed and new' - Guardian

WATCH: Ed Balls apologises for some of Labour's mistakes in his conference speech, but continues to blame Tory economic policy