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Which media moguls did Brown entertain at Chequers?

By Paul Goodman

David Cameron has this afternoon released details of all his meetings with media proprietors and editors since the election.

Which has inevitably spurred what the late Alan Clark would have called an ooh-aah about who was invited to Chequers.  The list includes James Murdoch and Andy Coulson - unsurprisingly.

All this is scarcely an investigative scoop for the media, since the Prime Minister has released the details himself.  But where this one has led, his predecessors should surely follow.

We know from this week's events that Gordon Brown tried to stand up to Rupert Murdoch, but was stopped by the Cabinet Secretary (since under our constitution civil servants, not politicians, take decisions).

And he would surely welcome a further opportunity to proclaim his righteousness once again to the world, not to mention his meticulous concern for accuracy and strict regard for facts.

He will therefore leap at this invitation to respond to Cameron's move by asking for details of his own meetings with media proprieters and editors as Prime Minister to be released as soon as possible.

After all, what's good for the blue goose is also good for the red gander.