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Tom Baldwin's action as a communications agent for Alastair Campbell started a chain of events which led to the death of David Kelly

By Tim Montgomerie
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From Simon Carr in today's Independent:

"When the Tories look for a victim of Baldwin's journalism they present us with Lord Ashcroft. They don't see that sympathy for the suffering vulnerability of a billionaire is limited. More to the point is David Kelly – for Baldwin was the News International journalist used to get Kelly's name out. For all the awfulness of the Milly Dowler case, the poor child was beyond the reach of this world when the journalists paid for her phone to be hacked. Baldwin's action as a communications agent for the government of the day started a chain of events which led directly to the death of Dr Kelly."

Tom Baldwin - in case you'd forgotten - is Ed Miliband's Head of Communications. Today. Now. Hasn't resigned. In a series of articles Lord Ashcroft has accused Mr Baldwin of dirty journalism. Isn't it time that Mr Miliband got off his high horse?