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The pro-€uro wisdom of Chris Huhne

By Tim Montgomerie
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Not so long ago Chris Huhne was a passionate advocate for the Euro:

"The 'no' campaigners said the euro was doomed to failure, but all their predictions have been proved wrong."

"The euro is living up to the highest expectations of the economists who advocated it, and Britain is missing out."

And this...

"The freedom to set interest rates merely according to domestic needs is a cruel mirage. Monetary union protects economies from the vagaries of speculative capital flows, enabling more stable growth and investment."

The man who is now Climate Change Secretary and urging us all to adopt ruinously expensive energy policies.

I am grateful to Mary Ann Sieghart for gathering these quotes together. In today's Independent she reminds us of the many Europhiles who were wrong on the biggest economic and political decision of the last twenty years. She concludes with this Huhne-sized gem:

[Huhne's] "book, Both Sides of the Coin: The Arguments for the Euro and European Monetary Union, is now available from five booksellers on Amazon for just 1p. His arguments – then and now – are as debased as the price."