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Today's Order of the O.T.T: Dr Who screenwriter describes Cameron and Clegg as "savage" and "evil"

By Paul Goodman
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Cameron dalek

It is early in the morning, there's fierce daily competition for our Order of the O.T.T award, and I'm probably getting ahead of myself by pinning it on the noble breast of Russell T. Davis, Dr Who Screenwriter.

None the less, I will take the risk.  Davis, who according to the Daily Mail "led the revival of Doctor Who in 2005", has described David Cameron and Nick Clegg as "savage and evil people".  Go for it, Russell!

The Conservative Party, he added, may appear "buffonish", but is actually "as lethal as a laser".  (This helps to explain why it won the last election outright with a three-figure majority.)

You may be wondering by now what has provoked this outburst.  Military action against Gaddafi?  Changes to incapacity benefit?  Dominic Grieve's complicity in the cover-up of the David Kelly business?

No: Davis is upset by the freezing of the BBC licence fee.  Never let it be said that its screenwriters take a parochial view of the world!

But why has Davis stopped there?  Why not go further, and drag in the obligatory reference to Hitler and the nazis?

This would have allowed the Daily Mail to go even bigger on the story, however reluctant Paul Dacre is to go for that sort of thing.

The paper helpfully concludes its report as follows: "John Barrowman, the star of Torchwood, which will air on BBC1, said the new series of the sci-fi show would be raunchier than ever and include ‘man sex’."