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Introducing... the Arthur Scargill of 2011... Dave Prentis of Unison

By Matthew Barrett
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Dave Prentis is the General Secretary of UNISON, one of Britain's largest unions, and one with a huge grip on public services. He is also auditioning for the position of 2011's Arthur Scargill, if this speech is anything to go by. 

In the above video, Prentis starts off with some way over-the-top rhetoric:

"Don't underestimate the outrage at the savagery of your gratuitous attack on our pensions"

He then accuses the Government of instigating some kind of class war:

"their crude efforts to set public sector against private sector, to start a new race to the bottom ... an attack on over five million workers, 20 million people could be affected and all on the false premise that our pensions are gold-plated and unaffordable, it's a tissue of lies"

Prentis finishes off with a belligerent rallying cry:

"we will strike to defend our pensions and it will be a campaign of strike action without precedent ... we plan for the worst and our preparations are well advanced, but there is more, much more to do, and today, this is our union's call to arms"

Mr Prentis also recently urged Ed Miliband to stop making "reasonable statements".