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Chris Huhne accuses the Conservative Party of opposing "every change in our democracy"

Matthew Barrett

As the Telegraph's James Kirkup notes, Chris Huhne has been doing the media rounds again, with yet more anti-Conservative comments. Huhne said:

"By giving voters more power, by giving power to the people, it’s absolutely in the tradition of the way in which we have improved our system over time, giving votes to women, giving votes to every person. All of these changes were actually opposed by the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party has opposed every change in our democracy, including votes for women, including votes for all men. That’s always been the Conservative role."

Quite apart from centuries-old political stances being irrelevant to the current campaign - the Labour Party once stopped Emmeline Pankhurst from joining on the grounds of her gender, but I'm not aware of that governing the nature of their equalities policies since - Mr Huhne is being selective with his history. It was the Conservatives who extended the franchise to the working class (Reform Act 1867) and gave equal votes to women (Representation of the People Act 1928) - David Lloyd George's government in 1918 only gave votes to some women. This was another weekend of strongly anti-Conservative comments, as previously listed here.