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Green London Assembly Member and Mayoral candidate says squatting is "an excellent thing to do"

By Jonathan Isaby

Green Party Leftwatch logo I am only just catching up with a story from yesterday's Evening Standard about Jenny Jones, the Green London Assembly Member who was recently selected as her party's candidate to challenge Boris Johnson for the mayoralty next year.

I have written before about the Green Party's dangerous far Left credentials but Miss Jones yesterday went a step further in seeking to detach herself from reality and the concerns of decent law-abiding folk.

She gave her seal of approval to the practice of squatting, describing it as "an excellent thing to do":

"I've seen squatted buildings that were due for demolition. They were left empty for years and people used them for events. I don't have a problem with that."

And that's from the Deputy Chair of the GLA Planning and Housing Committee.

Housing minister Grant Shapps said he was "shocked and appalled" by her comments.

Meanwhile, the recently elected Tory leader on the London Assembly, James Cleverly, points out that this is the latest in a series of loopy ideas from the Green politician, which include a congestion charge of up to £50 a day in a zone covering the  whole of Greater London.