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Gallery celebrating Ed Miliband's "I, Too, Am A Giant of History" speech

Tim Montgomerie

Quotes from Ed Miliband's historic speech yesterday, comparing his anti-cuts crusade to the struggle of women for votes, black Americans for equality and South Africans against apartheid...

"We come in the traditions that have marched in peaceful but powerful protest for justice, fairness and political change. The suffragettes who fought for votes for women and won...

Miliband women

The civil rights movement in America that fought against racism and won...

Miliband MLK

The anti-apartheid movement that fought the horror of that system and won."

Miliband apartheid

Er, no, Mr Miliband, you were protesting against cuts that will ensure public sector workers share the squeeze that has already engulfed private sector workers and is necessary to reduce Britain's £120 million per day interest bill.

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