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Ed Miliband uses his first article for The Sun to attack Coalition on crime

Tim Montgomerie

Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 08.38.02 The Sun has been making grumpy noises about the Coalition for some time. It's been complaining about the Coalition's Afghanistan policy, the tax on petrol, the balance struck between civil liberties and security and, most of all, crime and sentencing. Last week the newspaper called for Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, to be sacked.

Ed Miliband uses his first article for The Sun to focus on law and order:

"Before the election Mr Cameron made promise after promise to get elected. He promised to protect frontline services but now we find he is cutting 10,000 police officers. He promised a prison sentence for anyone caught in possession of a knife and then broke his word. He promised there would be "honesty in sentencing". But he broke that promise too. Bluff on crime, bluff on the causes of crime - the worst kind of politics."

The Labour leader doesn't offer an alternative crime policy but the possibility of a Sun/Labour alliance on crime must be nipped in the bud by Downing Street.