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"Ed Miliband's policy book is full of blank pages"

by Paul Goodman

The Daily Telegraph's Andrew Porter has the story.  Team Miliband clearly tried to pulp what's clearly a public relations embarrassment.  However, they weren't entirely successful -

"But those hoping for enlightenment from the 35-page pamphlet entitled My Fresh Ideas will be disappointed. The pages are blank.

"The glossy booklets, produced for a series of party events at which Mr Miliband was due to speak, have served only to add to the ridiculing of the Labour leader. He has been the subject of persistent jokes from the Coalition over his failure to provide firm policies since winning the post.

The intention was to hand out the pads to supporters and members of the public so they could write down policy suggestions for Mr Miliband to consider.

But they bear a striking resemblance to a spoof book produced by the Conservatives after Mr Miliband’s election last year, which also contained blank pages where policies should be.

An aide close to the Labour leader spotted the potential for embarrassment when the booklets were published last month and the order went out to pulp them – or at the very least hide them away.

More material for David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions later today, I suppose.