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Ed Miliband sets the world record for the fastest U-turn (or rather the fastest admission of a blatant lie)

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 9 I've only just got round to properly reading the whole Piers Morgan interview with Ed Milband in the latest issue of GQ magazine.

Piers spends much of the interview taunting him about "doing over" his elder brother in the leadership election, and during one such passage the Labour leader makes a statement and then admits three seconds later that he was lying:

Miliband: "I never thought about being leader before the election. "
Morgan: "Oh, come off it. Of course you did."
Miliband: "Well, I had thought about it, but not that much."

Similarly, a little later in the encounter, Miliband tries to wriggle out of admitting how much his house (technically owned by his "partner", Justine) is worth:

Miliband: "I live in a relatively expensive house."
Morgan: "How much is it worth?"
Miliband: "I'm not sure, over a million."
Morgan: "How much exactly?"
Miliband: "I don't know Piers, I haven't checked."
Morgan: "You don't know? Everyone else in Britain knows what their house is worth."
Miliband: "It was bought for £1.6m."
Morgan: "When?"
Miliband: "A year and a bit ago."
Morgan: "Well remembered."

The Labour leader talks about being "a bit square" as a student and - unlike Nick Clegg - studiously avoids answering questions about his sex life.

He is also taunted by his interviewer for "living in sin", yet gives mixed messages when probed further on the question.

Asked whether he is going to marry his partner soon, he says: "Yeah, but not because it's politically expedient", and commends marriage as "a good institution and part of having stable families"; yet he later claims that "I get people coming up to me saying they're pleased I'm not married" and "the more people who challenge me on it [getting married]  from a political standpoint, the more resistant I will become."

Read the whole encounter (not to mention an exclusive interview with cover girl Naomi Campbell) in the March issue of GQ, out now.