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Conservatives find Ed Balls the most impressive Labour frontbencher (seven places ahead of Miliband)

By Jonathan Isaby

As part of the latest ConservativeHome reader's survey, aside from seeking the latest Cabinet ratings and pollong on other topical issues, we asked party members which of Labour's Shadow Cabinet they found to be most impressive.

The findings - summarised in the bar chart below - show that Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls ranks highest (with 26.3% finding him the most impressive), followed by his wife, the Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper (13.1%) and Shadow Education Secretary, Andy Burnham (10.6%).

But the Labour leader himself, Ed Miliband, trails in eight place, with just 4.1% of Conservative members assessing him to be the most impressive Labour frontbencher. Ahead of him in the rankings were Douglas Alexander (9.2%), John Denham (6.7%), Harriet Harman (6.0%) and Hilary Benn (5.0%).

1,484 Tory members took part in the survey on 10th and 11th February.