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Labour needs all-Tim shortlists

Tim Montgomerie

In Saturday's Independent Andy McSmith has uncovered a huge scandal.

There has never been a Labour MP from that great class of people called Tim.

There have been "a few Toms, a Tam and a [Stephen] Timms" but never a Timothy.

There is no anti-Timmery in the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats. The current Lib Dem president, Mr Farron, is a Tim although he unseated another Tim (Mr Collins) so his contribution to Timmery is not uncomplicated. In total, reveals Andy McSmith, at least twelve Tims have become Tory MPs; Boswell, Brinton, Collins, Devlin, Eggar, Janman, Kirkhope, Loughton, Raison, Rathbone, Renton, Sainsbury, Smith, Wood and Yeo.

The injustice might be about to be corrected because a Tim is favoured to be the Labour candidate for the likely Barnsley Central by-election. Otherwise an all-Tim shortlist seems the minimum response that one should expect from Ed Miliband.