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ANOTHER dirty Labour General Election campaign is exposed

Tim Montgomerie

Phil Woolas isn't the only Labour candidate to have been exposed as a dishonest campaigner.

Leah_fraser Leah Fraser, Conservative candidate in Wallasay at the last election, was also the victim of untruthful attacks. She has just received an apology from the local Labour person responsible.

From Leah's blog:

"Sometimes, people (and political parties) go too far.  The rough and tumble of politics is part of life.  However, making false and misleading statements about your opponents for political advantage crosses the line of what most people believe to be ‘reasonable and fair’.  Former Labour MP Phil Woolas and the man chosen by Ed Miliband to be a shadow Minister  has learned this to his cost.

In the run-up to the last General Election, a senior member of Wallasey Labour Party and currently one of their six councillors, was the person responsible for a leaflet that made misleading claims about my views.  In the months before election day, voters were told by Labour that:

  • Sure Start was at risk
  • Winter Fuel Payments could be cut
  • The Minimum Wage was under threat
  • That repealing the Hunting Ban was a priority

And, as things have turned out, none have proved to be accurate.  Of course, this isn’t the first time Wallasey Labour has criticised me personally, if people believed all their leaflets, they would think I was ‘sick’, ‘depraved’, could be ‘bought’ for a bottle of wine, wanted to let pensioners freeze to death, would abandon young children and regularly went fox hunting.

In the end, having taken this nonsense and abuse for several years, I consulted Hill Dickinson - the national law firm of the year.  I knew that what Labour was saying was misleading and wanted, above all, for them to fight on the issues rather than mislead people.  The claims about me believing that repeal of hunting was a priority was the catalyst for this action.

Now, after several months, the Labour Councillor has apologised to me in writing, will reproduce an apology in a leaflet and my costs of around £3,500 have been paid.  I chose not to seek ‘damages’ – I simply wanted the misleading statements to stop."

Read Leah's full post. How many other examples of Labour lies are there?