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Ed Miliband has his first frontbench resignation yesterday (although the media have been strangely reticent to report it)

By Jonathan Isaby

Eric Joyce Yesterday Labour politicians were being highly sanctimonious in their attacks on 78-year-old trade adviser Lord Young, who resigned at lunchtime over his remarks in his ill-fated Daily Telegraph interview. Ed Miliband even emerged from paterntiy leave to denounce him

So today the boot is surely on the other foot (although the broadcast media seem to have been strangely reticent to report it) since the Labour leader had his first frontbench resignation yesterday (and he's already had to sack Phil Woolas, of course). Eric Joyce (pictured) quit as a Northern Ireland spokesman after being banned from driving, having failed to take a breathalyser test.

The BBC Scotland website reports:

Mr Joyce, the MP for Falkirk, lost his licence for a year and was fined £400 after he admitted failing to provide a breath test. He admitted the charge at Falkirk Sheriff Court, after spending the night in police cells.

Police arrested the 50-year-old MP near Grangemouth oil refinery late on Thursday night. Kirsty Anderson, prosecuting, said guards at the Ineos petrochemical plant smelled drink on the politician's breath at about 2315 GMT. The court also heard that the MP was "not compus mentis".

Full story here.