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Ed Miliband pocketed a £20k pay-off for losing his Cabinet salary - despite being back on £140k as Opposition Leader

By Jonathan Isaby

Ed Miliband on Marr One story that I missed during the week but which is worth noting was in the Daily Mail on Wednesday.

It turns out that Ed Miliband has trousered the pay-off of nearly £20,000 he got for losing his job (and salary) as a Cabinet Minister, despite now earning nearly £140,000 after becoming Labour leader and Leader of the Opposition.

The Mail reports:

Before Mr Miliband became leader, Tory chairman Baroness Warsi wrote to him – and the other candidates – asking if he was planning for forgo the payment. He did not reply.

Mr Miliband earns £65,738 for being an MP, plus an extra £73,617 for being leader of the opposition, making a total of £139,355. David Cameron takes home £7,500 less than he was entitled to when he took office. It means his salary is slightly more than £3,000 higher than Mr Miliband’s.

But this year, Mr Miliband will earn more because of a one-off payment of £19,938, to reflect the fact that he lost the salary he earned as energy secretary.

Last night Matthew Hancock, Tory MP for West Suffolk, said: ‘Voters will find it hard to understand why he accepted a payoff after they voted him and his Government from office.’

Sources close to Mr Miliband said that the payment was ‘standard’ – and that none of the Tory ministers who lost their job in 1997 refused theirs.

Dare I mention that the Tory ministers who were defeated in 1997 left a golden economic legacy to the incoming Labour Government, whereas Miliband, Brown et al did their best to bankrupt the country?