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Only two of Labour's putative leaders know when St George's Day is

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 4 On Wednesday night Paul wrote about Channel Four's Labour leadership hustings and concisely concluded what each of the candidates was about.

This morning Adam Boulton of Sky News hosted a full hour and a half's debate between the quintet. None of them said anything particularly surprising or unexpected - lots of soundbites and platitiudes all round, basically. All quite uninspiring.

But one thing which Adam Boulton threw into the mix was to ask them a few questions to test their general knowledge and establish whether or not they are living in a Westminster bubble.

One of the questions was to ask when St George's Day is.

Shamefully, only two - David Miliband and Ed Balls - came up with the correct answer of April 23rd.

Miliband Jr, Burnham and Abbott all failed to get it right, with Abbott submitting the particularly pathetic (and completely incorrect) cop-out of "It's soon" on her paper.

Click here to read Sky's Live blog of the debate.