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Gordon Brown's first parliamentary act since the general election will be to vote against something he claimed he favoured

By Jonathan Isaby

Gordon Brown brooding Today's Scotsman reports that Gordon Brown will make a "full parliamentary comeback" when the Commons returns from it summer recess next Monday.

The paper explains:

"The return comes after the Labour whips office made it clear that there "should be no exceptions" on Monday and all Labour MPs should be present for the crucial votes on a referendum on changing the voting system and reviewing the number and size of constituencies."

Let's just remind ourselves of what Brown said in January of this year:

"I think the advantage of the alternative vote system is that it retains the constituency link, which I believe is important not just to Members of the House here but to the whole population. Given the issues that have arisen about trust in politics, there is a case for every member of this House coming here with the support of more than 50 per cent of the electors as a result of the alternative vote system put to work. And I believe that there is a case for a referendum on this issue, and I believe that those people who wish to see reform will wish to see a referendum on that basis."

So there you have it. After being absent from the Commons ever since the general election, Brown's first act will be to vote against something of which he claimed to be in favour a few months ago...