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Ed Miliband's £1,373 tax bombshell

By Tim Montgomerie

In the original tax bombshell campaign - watch the brilliant video here - the warning was of a £1,250 tax rise under Neil Kinnock. Eighteen years later, the new Neil Kinnock has a £1,373 per household black hole in his tax plans.

Tax_bombshellDogs bark, ducks quack and Conservative politicians accuse Labour politicians of planning to increase taxes.

Tonight's new Tory attack on Ed Miliband might be predictable but that doesn't make it any less sensible.

Last week Matt Hancock MP - former chief of staff to George Osborne - identified a £67bn black hole in Ed Miliband's economic plans. He reached the £67bn figure by adding up the Coalition's deficit-reducing measures that Ed Miliband had opposed and the new spending promises he had made in his courting of Labour's electoral college.

Tonight Matt Hancock has returned to the attack, accusing the new Labour leader of needing £35bn of tax rises to meet his plans.

  • £35bn of tax rises means £1,373 per household...
  • Equivalent to 7p on Income tax or VAT of 25% or £1.59 on every litre of petrol.
> Download A PDF that summarises Matt Hancock's calculations.