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Will Gordon Brown pledge a slice of his speaking fees to the victims of the Pakistan floods?

By Paul Goodman

Over at the Spectator's Coffee House, Fraser Nelson has the story that Gordon Brown's asked a London speaking agency to tout for speaking engagements for him in the Middle East and Asia.

He writes -

"And the price? [Brown's] been offered at $100,000 a pop and is promising to speak on areas covered by his new book, The Financial Crisis, which is due out soon. That should have 'em roaring in the aisles.

A hundred grand – and in dollars, not pounds – is a lot less, of course, than the figures commanded by Blair, Clinton or, in her day, Thatcher. But our ex-Dear Leader doesn't have quite their international cache. So $100,000 for an hour's work would be not a bad fee for a son of the manse with his self-styled moral compass and parsimonious bent.

There are more demands. Whoever wants him – and I'm told there actually is some interest in the Gulf – would also have to stump up for five-star hotel accommodation, a first-class seat and three business-class ones."

Nelson points out that "Tony Blair has been pledging a slice of his massive post-PM earnings to The Royal Legion".  Brown's bound to be asked, given his broadcast recently about the catastrophe in Pakistan, whether he'll promise a slice of his to the flood victims.