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Which charity is seeking a judicial review of the Budget because it "discriminates against women"?

By Jonathan Isaby

George Osborne Budget Day The answer to the above question is Registered Charity Number 1108769, the Fawcett Society - the "campaigning charity" which claims "to have real influence right at the top of UK politics".

The latest edition of Tribune magazine reports:

"The Fawcett Society has applied to the High Court for a judicial review of Chancellor George Osborne’s “blatantly unfair” Emergency Budget because it has not taken into account the disproportionate impact on women. MPs should have been told of the impact on women when asked to vote for the Budget, it said.

"The imaginative and novel application says the coalition did not do an impact assessment and if it had, it would have shown it will increase inequality between men and women as £5.8 billion of £8 billion savings outlined in the Budget would come from women. Sixty-five per cent of public sector workers are women who will, by definition, be harder hit by job losses and pay freezes in that area just as they will be harder hit by cuts in benefits and tax credits, said the organisation in its application."

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