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Introducing 'Red Ed' Miliband

RedEd2 In his News of the World column Fraser Nelson christens the wannabe Labour leader as Red Ed:

"Ed Miliband wants to take Labour to the left, and back to the comfort zone of the hardcore remain members after 13 years. So he’s become ‘Red Ed’, embracing every lefty cause going. Even pretending that he was against the Iraq war seven years ago. His mates find this hilarious. Plenty Labour MPs were against the Iraq war, but no one can remember Ed giving so much as a wink of support. From raises taxes to upping the minimum wage, Ed is telling people what they want to hear. He sounds like David Cameron on a foreign trip. This ‘Red Ed’ act has brought his campaign a whack of cash from trade unions. Including Unite, the most powerful union of all. What do they want in return? What they’ve always wanted: to run the Labour Party and make it spout their voter-alienating nonsense."

Read the whole piece.

5pm: More from Fraser Nelson on his Coffee House blog about 'Red Ed' (including the mock up below).