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Labour leadership contenders "turn on Mandelson"

By Jonathan Isaby

Mandelson pointing cheeky Today's Times splashes on the attacks on Lord Mandelson by three of the contenders for the Labour leadership.

Here are some the highlights from behind the paywall:

"David Miliband, the former Foreign Secretary, who is well regarded by Lord Mandelson, said that the extracts, serialised this week in The Times, had been “destructive and self-destructive”. He suggested that Lord Mandelson had in effect retired himself by rushing into print and that he would struggle to win election to a reformed Upper House."

"Ed Miliband, the former Climate Change Secretary, described Lord Mandelson as a flawed character. He said that the book was sad and damaging to the peer and the party and that it was right for him to move on. “It’s time for a new generation,” he added.

"Andy Burnham, the former Health Secretary and an outsider for the leadership, said: “Peter loves the spotlight but it’s time to leave the stage.”

The paper reports that Mandelson is trying to assuage his critics inside the party by pledging to donate some of the profits from his book to Labour.