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Blair thought Brown was "mad, bad and dangerous", says Mandelson

By Jonathan Isaby

Brown-+-Blair-2 Today is the final day of the serialisation of Peter Mandelson's memoirs behind the Times's paywall.

Much of what has appeared in the serialisation merely confirms what was widely known already about the tensions at the top of New Labour for over a decade - but it's great to hear it all in the words of Mandelson himself for the first time.

Take this juicy quote from this morning's extracts explaining then Prime Minister Blair's feelings about his Chancellor before the 2005 election:

“There is no one to match Gordon,” Tony said, “for someone who articulates high principles while practising the lowest skulduggery.” He variously believed, and told me, that Gordon was mad, bad, dangerous and beyond hope of redemption

Will Blair be as candid when his own memoirs are published later in the year?