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Labour councillor allegedly threatens shopkeeper with boycott unless he backs Labour

Today's South Wales Echo carries a story about how a Labour councillor in the Cardiff West constituency allegedly threatened a shopkeeper with a boycott by Labour members if he refused to display the party's leaflets on his counter.

Cllr Ramesh Patel has said that he did ask hardware store owner Russell Cotty to display the leaflets, but denies threatening him, although admits that he said that he would "have to let Labour Party members know".

Mr Cotty said:

“Mr Patel came into the shop and asked if he could put some leaflets on the counter. I said ‘No, I am voting for the other side.’ He just looked at me and said he would be telling his members not to shop in here any more. I have been running my shop right through the recession and even though things are getting better the last thing I need is people having a go at my business.”

Full story in the South Wales Echo.

Jonathan Isaby