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A Lab-Lib coalition is the last thing the country voted for

So just when the negotiations between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems were reportedly yielding good progress, it turns out that the Lib Dems are also opening up talks with Labour, now that Gordon Brown is resigning.

Is this a tactical move to seek further concessions from the ongoing negotiations with the Conservatives? We'll have to wait and see, but I suspect that the public will not be impressed.

The last outcome that the country indicated it wanted at the general election was a coalition between Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The voters' verdict was clear in that they sent fewer Lib Dem MPs back to Westminster and far, far fewer Labour MPs - showing their desire for Labour to be ejected from office.

Would it not be outrageous for those two parties to cobble together an arrangement - under yet another unelected Prime Minister?

Jonathan Isaby