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Vince Cable is a serial-flip-flopper

For Iain Dale, Vince Cable is a bit of a tit (click here for why). For The Sun, the Liberal Democrats' Treasury spokesman is "Unstable Cable":

Screen shot 2010-04-05 at 14.02.45 The Sun highlights his numerous U-turns:

  • He slammed the Government in January last year for printing more money in a bid to kick-start the economy. He declared: "This is the Robert Mugabe school of economics." Nine months later he claimed the plan was RIGHT and said: "There is a Robert Mugabe school but this is not it. If I gave that impression, it clearly was wrong."
  • He said in October 2008: "It is entirely wrong for the Government to stimulate the economy by yet more public spending." In February last year his message had changed to: "We believe the Government stimulus is right and necessary."
  • When Mr Cable was asked in 2008 about Gordon Brown's backing for Lloyds TSB's takeover of stricken HBOS, he said: "We have no quarrel with what he did. That seemed the right approach." Just four months later he said: "It looks increasingly as if Lloyds is being dragged under by the dead weight of HBOS." Mr Cable later admitted: "It's fair to say I did change my position on that issue."
  • He told the Lib Dem conference in September 2008: "The Government must not compromise the independence of the Bank of England by telling it to slash interest rates." Only weeks later he said the Chancellor should urge the Governor of the Bank to make "a large cut in interest rates".

Last week's Chancellor's Debate outed Mr Cable as a left-wing populist. The Sun outs him today as a flip-flopper unsuitable to be Chancellor. Can you imagine how George Osborne would have been treated if he'd made so many dizzying about faces?

Tim Montgomerie

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