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The Guardian deserts Brown for Clegg

Screen shot 2010-05-01 at 16.07.29 Yesterday Labour lost the support of The Economist (to the Conservatives).

Today Labour has lost the endorsement of The Guardian. The Guardian has endorsed the Liberal Democrats:

"The Liberal Democrats were green before the other parties and remain so. Their commitment to education is bred in the bone. So is their comfort with a European project which, for all its flaws, remains central to this country's destiny. They are willing to contemplate a British defence policy without Trident renewal. They were right about Iraq, the biggest foreign policy judgment call of the past half-century, when Labour and the Tories were both catastrophically and stupidly wrong. They have resisted the rush to the overmighty centralised state when others have not. At key moments, when tough issues of press freedom have been at stake, they have been the first to rally in support. Above all, they believe in and stand for full, not semi-skimmed, electoral reform. And they have had a revelatory campaign. Trapped in the arid, name-calling two-party politics of the House of Commons, Nick Clegg has seldom had the chance to shine. Released into the daylight of equal debate, he has given the other two parties the fright of their lives. A newspaper that is proudly rooted in the liberal as well as the labour tradition – and whose advocacy of constitutional reform stretches back to the debates of 1831-32 – cannot ignore such a record. If not now, when? The answer is clear and proud. Now."

Read the full editorial.

Gordon Brown may end up with only The Mirror's backing. The FT is also certain to jump ship after four successive endorsements of Labour.

Tim Montgomerie