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The Green Party's credentials as a party of the far Left have never been clearer

Picture 2 The Green Party launched its manifesto today and if any further evidence were required that the party is is a far Left, statist outfit, then here it is.

A quick zip through various reports on the manifesto launch and you swiftly discover a long list of spending commitments for which the Greens reckon they will need to raise an eye-watering  £112 billion in taxes over the next three years.

Among its pledges are:

  • Increasing the weekly state pension to £170
  • Scrapping all tuition fees
  • Free school meals for all
  • Scrapping prescription charges
  • Re-introducing free eye tests
  • Free dental care
  • Free social care for all
  • Opposing budget and job cuts in the public sector
  • Increasing the minimum wage to £8.10 an hour
  • 50% tax rate on incomes over £100,000
  • No ceiling on National Insurance payments
  • Re-introducing the fuel duty escalator at 8% per year
  • Introducing VAT and fuel duty on aviation
  • Introducing a permanent tax on bankers' bonuses
  • Stripping private schools of charitable status 
  • Reducing the role of business in education 
  • Ending the use of nuclear power
  • Scrapping the replacement for Trident

From their website you can download the suicide notemanifesto in full.

Jonathan Isaby