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Polly Toynbee's wish-list of policies for the Labour manifesto

TOYNBEE-POLLY In her Guardian column today, Polly Toynbee dismisses the businessmen attacking Labour's planned rise in national insurance and laments that Labour courted business and "never confronted the worsening dysfunctions of modern capitalism".

Seemingly despairing at what Labour can propose to win the election she proposes adopting a number of policies being suggested by Labour campaign group Compass, in order to "energise Labour support". Here they are, accompanied by a figure with the supposed amount of public support they enjoy according to an uncited poll...

  • Electoral reform to break the Westminster stalemate (65% support)
  • Splitting banks to shed their casinos (68%)
  • Cut Trident (63%),
  • Take back the railways (70%)
  • Ban advertising to children (77%)
  • Replace fees with a fairer graduate tax (88%)
  • A Robin Hood tax on bank transactions (53%)
  • Cap loan shark interest rates (89%)
  • Create a high-pay commission (65%)
  • Create a living wage (58%)
Jonathan Isaby