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Police investigating Tory claims of postal vote fraud in Derby

The story is in today's Derby Telegraph:

"Allegations of postal vote fraud are being investigated by police in Derby. A complaint has been sent by the Conservative party to Derbyshire police about suspected fraud in the Sinfin ward in the Derby City Council local elections – which will be held on May 6, the same day as the General Election.

"The complaint involves concerns that a voter was approached by men requesting her to fill in and sign three postal voting forms in favour of the Labour party... Chief Superintendent Andy Hough said the matter would be investigated. He added that he had received more than one report of irregularities with postal voting."

"Councillor Harvey Jennings, leader of the Conservative group in Derby, said: "I am aware that a serious complaint has been made to the police with regards to three men intimidating a resident in Sinfin into ensuring that postal vote forms were completed in favour of the Labour party. It is quite shocking and I trust that the police will conduct a thorough investigation."

"The letter of complaint was sent to the police by Philip Hickson, election agent for the local Conservative group."

Full story here.

Jonathan Isaby