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Labour candidate who gave Nazi salute now smears Gillian Duffy

Daniel Zeichner Nazi salute Last month I introduced you to Daniel Zeichner, the Labour candidate for Cambridge, who gave a Nazi salute at the Cambridge Union as he smeared Conservative allies in Europe.

Now the Old Holborn blog has exposed that Zeichner entered the fray over Gordon Brown's attack on 65-year-old Gillian Duffy yesterday by defending the Prime Minister's description of her as "bigoted".

Zeichner firstly used his Twitter feed to comment on the story when he tweeted:

"these eastern European what are coming in, where are they flocking from?" - either she's bigoted or she has a very poor grasp of geography

Later, in response to a comment from Old Holborn, he tweeted again:

I deeply regret that the BNP have been successful in making xenophobic attitudes like hers popularly acceptable

Presumably he thought he was being helpful to his leader, but Zeichner's Twitter account has now  mysteriously been deleted (although Old Holborn has screengrabs of the offending tweets).

Jonathan Isaby