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Half the public admit they don't know what the Lib Dems stand for - and don't like much of their agenda when asked about it

We noted last night that The Sun's latest daily tracker poll which puts the Lib Dems one point ahead of the Conservatives.

But delving deeper into the poll and there are some significant findings, as the Sun reports:

"In the same opinion poll, barely half those asked said they knew what Mr Clegg stood for.And quizzed on the top ten plans put forward by his party, six of them were given a resounding thumbs down. They were Mr Clegg's proposals on an illegal immigrant amnesty, community service instead of jail for criminals, upping taxes to scrap tuition fees, giving more powers to Brussels, joining the Euro and halting nuclear power stations."

Here's the graphic from the paper showing the poll results.

Picture 10
Jonathan Isaby