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East End Tories urge police to probe Labour vote fraud claims

EXCLUSIVE The police have been urged to investigate allegations of election postal vote corruption involving London Labour Councillors.

The claims are related to multiple postal vote applications in several properties, and involve a Labour councillor, a former Labour councillor and a Labour council candidate.

No fewer than 18 applications were linked to one of the properties in question, and the alleged corruption has taken place in two constituencies, Bethnal Green and Bow, and Poplar and Limehouse.

Cllr Peter Golds, the Leader of the Opposition on Tower Hamlets Council, has urged the police to launch an immediate investigation and arrest those responsible, in order "to preserve the integrity of our electoral system".

In a letter to the police, Golds says that "evidence shows that people seeking election have been packing addresses with names who are then entitled to vote. This is corruption".

He writes that "numerous other examples of this corruption are coming to light, including a visitor from Bangladesh who arrives with a tourist visa next week, but whose postal vote has already been sent off".

Golds is an experienced operator, and wouldn't make such claims lightly.  I warned here of fraud during this election involving people originating from the Indian sub-continent.

Paul Goodman