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Senior Downing Street advisor is fully financed by Unite

She has a desk in 10 Downing Street.

She is part of the Prime Minister's policy development unit.

She has a House of Commons pass.

Her salary and pension are 100% paid for by Unite.

Her name is Clare Moody.

Hat tip to Joe Murphy of the London Evening Standard for unearthing this amazing story.

When Ms Moody was called about her special status, she replied:

“Can I get back to you. This has come a bit out of the blue. I will come back to you.”

There is little chance that a re-elected Labour government would be free to pursue a programme of serious public sector reform - essential to reduce the deficit while protecting frontline services. Public sector unions pays Labour's bills. They pay for Labour MPs' expenses. A huge number of Labour candidates are union officials. Now we learn they own Downing Street staffers.

Tim Montgomerie