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Michael Fallon forces Alistair Darling to admit that his NI rise will cost jobs

He had to press the Chancellor EIGHT times but Michael Fallon MP did get Mr Darling to admit that Labour's planned increase in National Insurance Contributions would cost jobs. Mr Darling eventually said the impact was "manageable" while by questioned by the Treasury Select Committee.

George Osborne jumped on the Chancellor's admission and called on him to tell the whole truth:

“Alistair Darling admitted to the Treasury Select Committee that his National Insurance tax rise would cost jobs. How many? There must be an internal Treasury estimate – so what is it? Either he knows how many jobs his national insurance tax rise will cost and he is not telling us – or he doesn’t care.”

The Federation of Small Businesses, reports The Sun, has warned the increase will cost 57,000 jobs in small firms alone.