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Labour use dishonest leaflets to scare pensioners about Tory plans

Yesterday an angry Cameron accused Labour of lying about Tory plans on the Winter Fuel Allowance and other benefits for pensioners. Pensioners are a crucial electoral constituency. There are twice as many grey voters as young voters and they're twice as likely to vote - making them four times more important to the result of the General Election.

The Daily Mail has today got hold of examples of the scare campaigns being run by Labour MPs.

Dr Phyllis Starkey writes: "The winter fuel allowance, free bus fares, free eye tests, pension credit. All introduced by the Labour government. All at risk if a Tory government gets back in."

John Trickett is unequivocal: "If you are a pensioner, you could lose your winter fuel allowance, free travel, free eye tests, swimming, TV licence and passport (free if you were born before September 2, 1929) and your pension credit."

At his press conference Cameron said:

“If the Prime Minister has a moral compass, could he please dig it out from under the sofa, have a look at it and stop his candidates from lying about Conservative policies?"

Mr Cameron - against the advice of Policy Exchange - is committed to keeping the WFV, free bus travel and a free TV licence.

Tim Montgomerie

> Labour talk about a cross-party consensus on elderly care in London... but in Bolton (and in other marginal seats) they play dirty with the issue