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Are the unions about to deliver a "Spring of Discontent"?

VILLIERS THERESA NW The so-called Winter of Discontent was the backdrop to the Conservative victory at the 1979 general election.

Theresa Villiers is now suggesting that the country faces a "Spring of Discontent" in advance of this year's general election in the wake of two pieces of new today.

First, she accused Bob Crow of trying to hold the country to ransom after the RMT (no longer Labour-affiliated) announced what she described as a "reckless and damaging strike" by signal workers.

Secondly, there was the news that the BA cabin crew from Labour's paymasters in the Unite union are going ahead with their seven days of strikes.

She was quick to remind voters of the link between Unite and the Labour Party in delivering her reaction:

"Labour's union paymasters at Unite are determined to inflict travel misery on thousands of families. It is disgraceful that they are going ahead with this unnecessary strike. Gordon Brown should do all he can to urge Unite – who are funding his general election campaign – to call off the strike.  Or he should stop taking their money.

“Britain now faces Labour’s Spring of discontent with militant unions threatening to bring our railways to a standstill as well. Strike action could leave the country facing a serious transport meltdown.”

Iain Dale has shared this reworked poster to mark the strikes...

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