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Labour now relies on the unions for more than 60% of its funding

I've already blogged on the latest Conservative Party donations today, covering the final quarter of 2009.

Here are a few stark facts about the funding of the Labour Party:

  • Labour became even more reliant on trade unions for its funding during 2009, taking £9,784,232.43 from them, equivalent to 60.3% (up from 52.2% in 2008)
  • £3,642,919.06 of those donations during 2009 came from Unite, the union behind the planned BA strike - equal to 22.5% of the party's total funding last year
  • That reliance on the unions became more stark in the final quarter of 2008: in the third quarter, unions gave 87 of the registered cash and in-kind donations, but this rose to 138 in the final quarter - an increase of 59%
  • Labour received £30,680.42 from unions in staff secondments in the last quarter odf 2009, taking the total for 2009 to £138,042.86 (up from £51,918.10 in staff secondments received by Labour in 2008) 
  • Three quarters of the £3,655,929.91 registered donations from individuals to Labour during 2009 came from just three people: Ronald Cohen, Nigel Doughty and Lord Sainsbury, donating £2,810,201 between them
  • Since donations started being recorded by the Electoral Commission in 2001, unions have donated a total of £86,503,718.41 to Labour - equal to 60% of all the donations the party has received over that nine-year period.

Jonathan Isaby