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Labour talk about a cross-party consensus on elderly care in London... but in Bolton (and in other marginal seats) they play dirty with the issue

Pressed earlier by Andrew Lansley (watch here), the Health Secretary Andy Burnham again refused to rule out a £20,000 'death tax' to pay for the care of the elderly. Given that Labour has increased tax more than 100 times since 1997 it is not unreasonable for voters to conclude that Brown would very likely introduce this new tax if re-elected in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Unable to deny plans for a death levy the party of Damian McBride is attempting to claim the moral high ground and accuse the Conservative Party of negative campaigning. The hypocrisy! CCHQ has sent me the letter below which is going out from a Labour campaign office to marginal voters. It proves that Labour is scaremongering over the care of the elderly and the NHS more generally.

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