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Hague compares Labour to a defeated army that is poisoning the water wells as it retreats

In very hard-hitting remarks, William Hague accuses Gordon Brown of running a scorched earth policy.

 In an interview for the News of the World, the Tories' foreign affairs spokesman says "If [Brown] had actually planned to leave the country in the worst state possible, he couldn't have gone about it better."

Toxic-header_93947aHague continues:

"To say we will inherit a poisoned chalice if we win the General Election is putting it mildly. It's as poisoned as it can get. Gordon Brown's troops are leaving as much poison as they can. That is precisely what Brown is doing by chalking up as much debt as possible, making as many spending commitments as possible which he doesn't know how to finance, partly in the hope of leaving a new government with a really difficult situation."

In his interview Mr Hague reminds readers that Britain is borrowing £277,719 every minute.