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Guess which group of economists were given more prominence by the BBC this week?

I'm not one for conspiracy theories about BBC bias, but during the day several people have commented on the undue prominence given on the Beeb's news bulletins to the economists' letter to this morning's FT in support of Gordon Brown delaying spending cuts.

Although the long-awaited appearance by Tiger Woods this afternoon has rather eclipsed it now, today's economists' letter was was the lead story on the Today programme, BBC Breakfast and the One O'Clock lunchtime news.

This is in contrast to how the letter to the weekend's Sunday Times by a group of economists in support of the Conservative economic strategy was treated.

Checking back on Sunday's coverage on the BBC, it was third on the running order in the bulletins at 9am and 12pm on BBC1, and relegated to fifth by the early evening bulletin and then seventh by 10pm...

...Perhaps there's more truth to this poster than some at the BBC would like us to believe!

Jonathan Isaby