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The Liberal Democrat MP with the smallest majority admits that she doesn't have a mind of her own

Picture 9 Sandra Gidley is the Lib Dem MP for Romsey and has a majority of a mere 125 votes. At the general election she will be challenged for the second election in a row by Caroline Nokes for the Conservatives, who is now extremely well placed to gain the seat.

And the incumbent MP certainly has a strange way of going about trying to retain the confidence of her electorate. Today there are two Opposition Day debates in the Commons on Conservative motions calling for the quality of life of those with dementia to be improved and for simpler, more reliable access to out-of-hours services and urgent care in the NHS.

I imagine the good burghers of Romsey would have expected their MP to take a view on these matters. Alas she does not. As her Twitter feed (reproduced below) records, Lib Dem MPs have been instructed to abstain on both motions - although Mrs Gidley says that she "hates not taking a view".

It would appear, therefore, that she does not have a mind of her own and is admitting that she will only do as she is told by her party whips. Not very clever when fewer than 100 of your voters can switch sides and send you packing come the election...

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Jonathan Isaby